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B & S Contracting Inc has been providing superior asphalt paving driveway services in Staunton, VA and surrounding areas since 1982.

Are you a commercial property owner? A residential homeowner? Either way, you understand the necessity of maintaining your property and increasing its value. To keep your property value growing means proper maintenance.

From commercial parking lot paving to driveways, you want to make sure your choice in paving contractors protects your investment!

That’s why homeowners and businesses alike turn to B & S Contracting, a recognized local industry leader with a proven track record of success.

Our locally owned and operated company specializes in all phases of new asphalt paving and maintenance or repair of existing asphalt surfaces.

Through our hard work and commitment to excellence over the years, B & S Contracting has come to represent the highest standard in workmanship in the Shenandoah Valley.

We provide the highest quality asphalt paving services to residential and commercial customers at affordable prices.

B & S Contracting has a strong commitment to the environment, too. We recycle 100% of the asphalt we remove from job sites.

Further, it’s our attention to quality that sets our work apart from the rest. We focus on the little details to make sure each project is completed meticulously.

Our professional and experienced staff can handle virtually any paving project – all with a quick turnaround time and lasting quality.

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Residential Asphalt Paving

Your home is most likely the biggest investment you’ll make during your lifetime. And maintaining that investment is critical to increasing your home’s value!

Asphalt driveway paving, or blacktop paving as it’s often called, is part of the real estate maintenance strategy smart homeowners make to increase the value of their home.

Easier to maintain than gravel, asphalt driveway paving is far more durable and long lasting.

While gravel can be installed quickly with very little impact on the use of your driveway, climate is a constant factor to contend with.

Wintry weather can make snow removal difficult because it sinks into the gravel. Rainy weather can create mud, and droughts can cause your driveway to kick up a significant amount of dust.

Gravel driveways also constantly shift, creating hills, holes, and divots.

However, a properly installed asphalt driveway is an economical choice, creating a smooth, clean surface. Snow settles on top which makes removal far less damaging to your driveway. And snow removal is easier, too!

Asphalt paving is also much less susceptible to Virginia’s fluctuating temperatures. An oil-based product, it’s more flexible than gravel in extreme climate conditions.

Asphalt Driveway Overlays: Maintenance and Repair

Is your driveway showing signs of cracking or forming potholes? If the damage is light and you don’t need to consider driveway replacement, an overlay is an excellent option!

Simply put, an asphalt overlay is a patch job. We apply a thin layer of hot asphalt over your existing pavement, which gives you an entirely new surface.

Before we apply the overlay, however, we will closely examine your pavement. If there are signs that the old asphalt has structural issues, we will not recommend an overlay because it will not fix the problem.

As a reputable and highly respected paving contractor, B & S Contracting will always offer driveway repair options and give our expert advice based on years of paving experience.

Our desire is for you to have a long lasting asphalt driveway that performs beautifully for years to come!

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Get A Highly Qualified Asphalt Paving Business To Do The Installation

When hiring a paving contractor, always choose quality and reputation over price. Poor work can cause problems such as water pooling around your home’s foundation or cause water leaking into the garage.

While you might pay less with a low bid, however, substandard work will decay within a year or two, while an expert job will last 10 years or more.

Consequently, a poor paving job is costly because you have to spend more money to correct the problems it created.

Always make sure the company you work with is licensed, bonded, insured, and carries workman’s compensation. Local building inspectors should also be on the job site regularly.

As a VDOT award winning paving contractor, B & S is recognized as a local industry leader with a proven success track record. Our extensive knowledge and experience as a grading contractor is respected because of our hard work and commitment to excellence over the years.

Green Asphalt Paving

At B & S Contracting, recycled materials play a major role in creating environmentally friendly custom asphalt solutions for both homeowners and businesses.

That’s because asphalt can be recycled. Hot mix asphalt contains no more than 25% recycled material. B & S Contracting recycles reclaimed asphalt pavement, or RAP.

By recycling these materials to create new base materials, as well as new asphalt pavements,

B & S Contracting ensures that these items do not end up in landfills.

That’s why we recycle and reuse broken asphalt. We want your project to look beautiful, while doing our part to protect the environment.

Porous Asphalt Paving for Your Commercial Property

A sustainable paving solution, as well as an environmentally conscious one, porous asphalt is a valuable choice for municipalities, business developers, and yes, homeowners, who want storm water management.

Cost-effective, as well as environmentally friendly, porous paving is green for LEED certification and points for green company achievement.

And if land is slated for a retention pond, it can be developed profitably as an asset that adds value to your property by using porous asphalt.

Whether you’re considering repaving your parking lot or developing a plan to make the most of your commercial property, consider porous asphalt paving. It’s a cost-effective and green method!

As a commercial paving expert, let B & S Contracting help you discover all the environmental and cost benefits that porous asphalt paving has to offer.

Commercial Asphalt Paving, Staunton, VA

From the commercial or industrial parking lot to the country club tennis court, B & S Contracting has vast commercial paving experience.

As a custom asphalt solutions company, we work on commercial, industrial, and public asphalt paving projects, such as:

  • Roads
  • Streets
  • Highways and Interstates
  • Parking lots—commercial and industrial
  • Tennis courts
  • Airports
  • Running tracks
  • Golf cart paths
  • Commercial or private lots

From parking lot paving and repair to complete paving restoration, we expertly handle your project from beginning to end.

And we’ll complete your project in a timely manner. Just like you, we know that time is money!

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